The Honest Company Postnatal Lactation Plus

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The Honest Company Postnatal Lactation Plus is a supplement designed to assist breastfeeding mothers in healthy lactation and breast milk production. It is manufactured by The Honest Company which was founded by Jessica Alba who happens to be one of many famous breastfeeding advocates in Hollywood today.

The Honest Company Postnatal Lactation Plus

In an attempt to provide the market with ethical consumer products, it is no surprise to learn that her company has its very own lactation supplement which contains a unique blend of carefully selected natural herbs and botanicals which are effective in helping boost milk production.

One can say that it’s a definite plus to know that the person behind the product is someone who believes strongly in the advocacy of breastfeeding and understands the struggles that mamas go through.

It even says on the product label that “breastfeeding can be a wonderful experience, but sometimes challenging,” and that is something we can all attest to!

Each bottle of The Honest Company Postnatal Lactation Plus contains 60 vegetarian capsules.

The active ingredients include:

• Fenugreek (610 milligrams)
• Milk Thistle (420 milligrams)
• Fennel (120 milligrams)
• Shatavari (100 milligrams)
• Marshmallow Root Extract (100 milligrams)

It does NOT contain any soy, gluten, yeast, wheat, casein, sodium, dairy, eggs, shellfish, starch, gelatin, artificial food coloring, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, or anything else that you wouldn’t want to be putting into your body.

According to The Honest Company’s website, in order to get best results, you need to take two capsules per day.

It is worth noting that you may end up smelling a bit like maple syrup due to the high amount of fenugreek seed powder in each serving. But that is a fair trade-off considering the fact that the presence of such a smell indicate that the fenugreek is actually working.

The Honest Company Postnatal Lactation Plus has been helpful for a lot of mamas who have been looking to either increase or maintain their breast milk supply. There are so many testimonials filled with gratitude and praise.

Furthermore, a lot of mamas have found the capsules to be yummy which is something that is not typical of lactation supplements. More often than not, lactation supplements are often described to be rather bitter in taste and that can be rather off-putting for mamas who are sensitive to unpleasant tastes.

How long will each bottle last?

If you were to follow the recommended dosage of two capsules per day, a bottle should last you one month.

How long does it take before you notice an increase in your milk supply?

The efficacy of The Honest Company Postnatal Lactation Plus should be noticeable within a week of use. Other mamas have found an increase in three days, while it can take five to six days for others.

Has there been any negative feedback from mamas who have used the supplement?

As with any lactation and breast milk supply supplement, not everyone will get the same results. There have been those who simply did not experience an increase of breast milk supply. In some instances, however, upset stomach and gassiness had become an issue for both mama and baby.

If you notice any of these symptoms becoming apparent in you or your baby, it might be best to try other options which are less likely to lead to unpleasant side effects.

Where can I Buy “The Honest Company Postnatal Lactation Plus”?

The best place to find “The Honest Company Postnatal Lactation Plus” is on Amazon, check out the price and more reviews.